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29 abr. 2009

los matan a palos en la India, manda una carta, imagenes muy duras

Os pido por favor que enviéis la carta que tenéis más abajo. En Meerut, una ciudad de la India un perro callejero mató a un niño que paseaba por el campo con su madre y los ciudadanos se han tomado la justicia por su mano y están matando a todos los perros callejeros de la peor manera posible. Las fotos que adjuntamos son DE UNA CRUELDAD EXTREMA.
Estos son los enlaces de la noticia
http://www.care2.com/news/member/711641069/1108472 http://meerut-incident.synthasite.com/


PARA: dmmee@up.nic.in, aranjan78@up.nic.in, igzonemrt@up.nic.in, digrmrt@up.nic.in, sspmrt@up.nic.in, ssp_meerut@yahoo.com, cmup@up.nic.in, info@petaindia.org, international.adsales@indiatimes.co.in, us.adsales@indiatimes..co.in, dinesh.das@timesgroup.com, editor@expressindia.com

Honourable Sir or Madam at Meerut Government, India,

I've come to the knowledge that a stray dog in your city has killed a child
who was strolling with his mum, and that the Meerut citizens have decided to
take justice into their own hands by killing all stray dogs in an extremely
cruel way. We have witnessed truly horrifying images of extreme and
intolerable cruelty, some of which we've attached to this email.

One of the reasons for which India has been valued and loved internationally
is the wisdom and warmth of its inhabitants, who show a great deal of
respect for animals.

We can understand that the inhabitants of Meerut feel alarmed about this
tragedy where a child was attacked, and that urgent measures must be taken,
but murdering dogs is not the solution, as this only breeds hatred and
violence among citizens: you can see very clearly, in the pictures from
Meerut, the fury and sadism used against these poor animals, with youths
clearly enjoying watching the agony and suffering of dogs, and finding
pleasure in violence, pain, blood and the suffering of others.

We know the awful sanitary conditions in illegal slaughterhouses make stray
dogs develop their killer instinct, and turn them into vicious animals,
while also being a source of disease, ill health, and animal suffering, and
a danger to people. The most humane and effective solution to these kind of
problems is a neutering and spaying programme to avoid uncontrolable birth
rates. These measures are already being applied by the governments of many
other countries.

I think these kind of events are totally unacceptable in today's society, so
I'd like to appeal to your sensitivity and common sense and urge you to do
everything in your power to prevent events such as these from occurring ever

Yours faithfully,

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